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Full scan of system returned more than 10 millions files ???


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Hi, I have installed KSC free yesterday. During the full scan the program returned over 10 millions of files !! The scan took over 3 hrs 45 mn . I had Bitdefender free installed previously and I never went over 710000 files and IIRC never took more than 1hr 45 mn to 2 Hrs 15 mn , same with window defender . What I did wrong ? should I reinstall KCS ? That doesnt make sense at all , any idea whats going on ? I didnt touch any setting other than asking to scan Detect other software that can be used by criminal in Threat and exclusion settings thanks for your help

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Andrew75, :-)  I can understand that but the detailed reports show  10,19,289 files scanned !!!


I have looked in my drive C yesterday and 525 000 plus or minus 5000  I cant remember were reported .


Now I am not sure how to read the KSC reports number with their comma placed everywhere :-)  Can you ?

Is it  1 millions , nineteen thousands 2 hundreds  eighty nines files ? Maybe , but even its a minimum of 400000 more files than what bitdefender scanned and or window defender !!


However its not 10 millions I guess I pushed my luck there :-)


anyway thanks for your message its appreciated Andrew hopefully Ill get the answer im looking for since  the Russian mathematics  are kind of strange :-) lol



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