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Full Disk Access required for Kaspersky System Extension / com.kaspersky.kav.sysext.systemextension on MacOS 13

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Good morning,

I am a long time user of Kaspersky’s security solutions.
Recently, I was looking at the "Privacy and Security" tab in the settings of  MacOS 13 (on a Mac with Apple Silicon) and noticed that for Kaspersky Antivirus (Standard edition) there are 2 separate applications:

- Kaspersky (which I enabled when I installed the program)

- Kaspersky System Extension / com.kaspersky.kav.sysext.systemextension (not enabled)


The path to the second application brings me, in Finder, to Library -> System Extension and it's connected to an archive with the name "com.kaspersky.kav.sysext.systemextension". 

Just to be safe I scanned it and it was not detected as malicious by any EDR/Antivirus, but at the same time I did not find many informations on it online.


My questions are:

- What does "Kaspersky System Extension" do?

- Should I enable it? The antivirus seems to be able to do full system scans/custom scans just fine and it does not ask for any more permission

- Are there any other suggestions/information on this process that could help me?


Thank you so much in advance!

Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 19.59.45.jpg

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Apple introduced the concept of System Extensions (SysExt) as an alternate to Kernel Extensions (Kext). System Extensions / Network Extensions allow to extend the functionality of macOS without requiring kernel-level access. It's a component of our product. You do not need to do any additional actions with it if the product works correctly.

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