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Found this on my downloads folder. should i be worried? (its a .log file)

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The text i found on that file:


[2860:5472:2023-1-19 22:0:12.665] Main Start
[2860:5472:2023-1-19 22:0:12.665] Command line:"C:\Users\Asus\Downloads\Zoom_cm_ds_mwZu2uKNgmhtHsFRlvwnokrxsV+Rel5xSt2E@GAR6OvK9ct-9u-oJ_kadc7d798999b2efc_.exe"  Instance:0x40000 Show State:10
[2860:5472:2023-1-19 22:0:12.723] C:\
[2860:5472:2023-1-19 22:0:12.744] Main End


also i have a file called "Zoom_cm_ds_mwZu2uKNgmhtHsFRlvwnokrxsV+Rel5xSt2E@GAR6OvK9ct-9u-oJ_kadc7d798999b2efc_.exe" on my computer that got installed when i downloaded zoom from its official website (zoom.us)



Should i be worried?

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