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firewall settings / network properties - public network (unchangeable?) [Closed]

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Listed as Other Networks, 
I see the Public Network must be a constant,
for me to use my network.

This for me,
seems improbable and incorrect,
but maybe someone could enlighten me on the usage of the software,
and tell me whether this process running,

is supposed to be like this all the time. 

Or am I supposed to be able to have a trusted network,
without having the public network,
listed under Other Networks,


I’m suspicious this might be another connection into my computer,
that I did not authorize,
or maybe it’s the way the firewall and network system works,
using the kaspersky security.

New user of the software. 



Should I always stay on the public network?

I always thought trusted network was where I wanted my internet connections. 

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Hello   @claytonlb,


Referring to my image (just so I know if this is your concerns), the Internet Public network is a default , cannot be edited/changed. 

ATM, I changed my 2 home connections, for this topic. Both can be edited.

Kaspersky’s network “public, private “definitions,  differ to Windows, Make a network public or private in Windows 10

Can you post an image for us please?

Thank you🙏

Reference documentation: How to secure Wi-Fi networks 

KIS20 Library

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