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Firewall ( Ask To Connect Feature )

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I’m using Kaspersky Internet Security (g) with Windows 10


I’m wondering if there is a feature for KIS Firewall such as “ Ask To Connect “ feature as it implemented such in Norton Internet Security or Glasswire application.

What i actually need is when a application attempt to make internet connection the firewall will popup a simple question whether to allow or block connection, and then re-popup again if the software has been updated and want to make another new connection. More like an easy way to set and forget.

My experience with KIS is it allowing all kind of trusted connection, then i have to manually blocked connection in the application group, that way the software i plan to refuse connection from beginning is already make the internet connection.

Thank you

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If you want to realize your expect, two steps are required.

Please note that if you use this mode, Every application operation will inform you to decide if KL product can not determine or according to your settings. Please be careful to edit the network access prividge to application for svchost.exe. Setting errors will cause the computer to fail to access the Internet.

  1. Enable Interactive protection mode.
  2. Set all applicaiton list in all type of group to prompt network activities.


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