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False Positive: site is being shown as phishing. review request

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Hi Kaspersky Team, 

I have a website, which is showing a phishing site due to the google tag manager's enhanced e-commerce tracking system. It picks up a data layer of the transition and shows them in my google analytics but does not show any kind of sensitive data.

I have scanned the site multiple times but there is nothing out of the ordinary. 

Please reconsider and remove it from the list. I am losing potential sales and traffic due to this. 

URL:  hxxps : // steampunkdesk . com



//Mod Edit: deleted link to malicious URL.

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Hello @taimour17!

Lets wait for the reply from virlab (I have made a request to them).

Thank you!




Update from virlab:

URL was removed from blocklist. It will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your help.

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