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Hello. I’m Youngkwang Oh from IRONMACE.

We are serving a game called 'Dark and Darker'  (https://darkanddarker.com).
Recently, your AntiVirus is misdiagnosing our own anti-cheat programs (Tavern.exe, TavernWorker.exe).
The diagnostic code is 'PDM:Trojan.Win32.General' and it is misdiagnosed by your System Watcher.
For your information, our anti-cheat is packed with VMProtect for security.
Many of our players are suffering from inconvenience because of this.
We submitted detected images.
Please review it as soon as soon as possible.

Best regards.


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Welcome to Kaspersky Community.


For this type of detection (probably a false positive): PDM (Proactive Defense Module) of System Watcher Module, I guess on execution but not on demand scan, Your best bet is to report to Kaspersky Official Support: K. Support


They will ask You to enable / collect Kaspersky product traces while the issue is reproduced, and then send those traces to be analyzed.

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