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Good morning, since yesterday I have had a problem due to very unpleasant behavior regarding the creation of an executable file. During compilation, my Kaspersky Antivirus software reports that the .exe file contains malicious software: HEUR:Trojan-Spy.MSIL.Bobik.gen

In fact, there are no viruses or any other harmful code in the mentioned file. There may be some suspicious strings in this EXE file. Could you inspect and resolve this issue please?

I emphasize that using this version of the file it was working since 03/26/2024 and previous versions also for at least five years and everything was always correct - until 04/02/2024, when the problem appeared out of nowhere.

If I pause AV protection everything works correctly and the installation file is created. However, after resuming protection, the created file is labeled as described above and Kaspersky deletes it.


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