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'Facebook New Feature' Scan, Android.

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I recently installed Kasperksy Internet Security for my Android mobile phone.

I swiped into my phone yesterday, 16th November.  It showed a notification of an update for 'Facebook New Feature'.  I found this strange as I’d have expected it to just show ‘Facebook’.  So I clicked on it to start a scan, but Kaspersky would not scan it and said that it was a new app and required the premium version to perform the scan.

Nothing suspicious has happened on my phone since that time.  I performed a quick scan, then a full scan later.  Both returned no issues.  The Application Manager shows Facebook installed, but no ‘Facebook New Feature'.

Should I be concerned about this?  If so, what should I do?

Why would Kaspersky not scan this update/installation?

Does Kaspersky scan apps installed on the phone, after the date which Kaspersky was installed?

Could this be a database virus update regarding some vulnerability in Facebook?

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Hello @Safety Seeker,


Please tell us:


  1. Android version?
  2. KIS version? 
  3. Facebook version? 
  4. Do you have an image of the  'Facebook New Feature'  please? 
  5. Do you have an image of the Kaspersky msg “new app and required the premium version to perform the scan”, please?
  • I’ve checked the KIS Free version, there are no scan limitations, Quick Scan, scans installed apps, including new apps, Full Scan, scans entire device. 
  • There is a new  Facebook Protect feature, using 2FA🤔


My suggestions:

  • Go to Google PlaySore, check your account, select My Apps & games, verify the Facebook application version installed including the last update date & version?
  • Go to Phone Application Manager, check Facebook application, ensure the version information matches that of the Facebook application in Google PlayStore. 

If the information does not match:

  1. Uninstall Facebook application.
  2. Reboot phone.
  3. Run KIS (manual) Database Update.
  4. Run KIS (manual) Full Scan.
  5. Download & install Facebook application.
  6. Reboot phone.
  7. Run KIS (manual) Database Update.
  8. Run KIS (manual) Full Scan. 
  9. Monitor for any issues?

Please post back?

Thank you


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Thank you for your reply.

  1. Android version?   6.0.1
  2. KIS version?
  3. Facebook version?

I do not have any images to share you with.

I have checked the version of Facebook installed in Application Manager and it is  This is currently the latest version according to the application in Google PlayStore.  I have the correct application installed, as it is the one with 5B+ downloads.

In Google PlayStore, Apps & Games, Updates - it shows that Facebook was updated on 16th November, as expected.  However, it says,


Information not provided by developer”

I would have expected an update description here.  Also, when I look at Facebook in Google App Store and expand the arrow for ‘About this app’, is says ‘Updated on’ 11 Nov 2019.  This is different to the date of the recent Facebook update, which was 16 Nov 2019.  I wonder if this is a problem?

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Hello  @Safety Seeker,

Thank you for posting back and the additional information.

  • I agree, it’s not unreasonable to expect the information. 

There’s a Developer email address available, perhaps they will answer & or the “date”  issue & “WHAT’S NEW, Information not provided by developer” ?

I think tho you do not need to be concerned, about, any suspect “fake” app, having surreptitiously arrived on the phone. 

If you don’t already, I always recommend using a good, backup software & make regular backups of all data, contacts, and other critical information.

Best regards



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