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Everytime I verify my email to link to my kaspersky account it keep saying not valid or not relevant.

Go to solution Solved by Danila T.,

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Hello @ronie_lansang,


  • 1 Is the Verification problem happening when you try to sign in to the MyKaspersky.com account from any supported browser: Firefox, Edge Chromium, IE, Chrome? 

Can you tell us a little more about the problem please:

  • 2 When did it start?
  • 3 How long has KIS been installed? 

Please let us know?

Thank you🙏


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This problem is known from the text description of the error message. There is an inconsistency between the verification security code string stored in the server database and the string that needs to be passed to the server for verification in the link sent to the user's mailbox.
There are several situations:
1. The database information written during registration is not synchronized to the database used to verify the information, causing problems. In this case, it may take a while to wait for the synchronization of the two databases to complete, but I think this situtation may not exist.
2. There is a problem in passing the parameters in the email to the parameters of the server, but I also think that the possibility of modification does not exist.
3. The website verification module has been modified and involved new bug, causing the verification information stored in the database to be inconsistent with the verification parameters sent to the user's mailbox. This possibility is currently the largest.

This situation is more embarrassing. Is your email account registered in this community the same as the email account used to register your Kaspersky account?

@Igor Kurzin @Anton Mefodys Could you kindly give some help?


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