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"Event: Detected legitimate software that can be used by intruders to damage your computer or personal data"

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1 hour ago, fold said:

I was browsing the internet, and received an notification saying, any help appreciated. Kind of clueless, sorry

Hello @fold


The brief description for the Kaspersky alert: not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Script.Pusher is: 

Programs designed to launch advertisements on infected computers and/or to re-direct search engine results to promotional web sites. Adware programs are often built into freeware or shareware programs, where the adware forms an indirect ‘price’ for using the free program. Sometimes a Trojan silently downloads an adware program from a web site and installs it onto someone’s machine. Alternatively, hacker tools, often referred to as Browser Hijackers, download the adware program using a web browser vulnerability.

Typically, adware programs do not show themselves in the system in any way. In addition, adware programs seldom come with a de-installation procedure and attempts to remove them manually may cause the original carrier program to malfunction.

  • Essentially Kaspersky warns you the software has the potential to be misused, in  case you were not aware it was installed. 
  • IF you were "just browsing", check your browser Extensions, reset your browser to default & do the steps outlined in this document prepared by Moderator @richbuff

Please post back if you have any concerns? 

Thank you🙏



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Alright, however pretty sure I found the problem. I visited an website named "frameboxxindore", and whenever I were to visit this website I would receive this notification. Should I still reset my browser? Once again, any help appreciated. 



Website is above!

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Posted (edited)

Hello @fold

Thank you for posting back!

  1. Please follow the steps we provided in our first reply. 
  • We've submitted frameboxxindore to Kaspersky's Virus Experts & requested they advise if the detection is valid or a false positive: 


  • We'll update this topic when they update us. 

Thank you🙏


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Some ad popups display all the time, even though you've blocked popups. For more information on blocking popups, see Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting.
Your searches are redirected to another site in order to feed you content from that website and you are being disallowed from blocking them. For more information, see What to do when searches take you to the wrong search website.
Your home page has been hijacked. For more information on setting your home page, see How to set the home page.


J Wick

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