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EMClient e-mail>500MB stays in outbox

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Hi, Sending/receiving emails from my e-mail client ( EMClient) is no prpblem unless the file being sent is >500MB... Eg 1-5GB. What happens is that the e-mail stays in the Outbox..forever. The e-mail is however in reality is received by the recipient as expected but I the sender still see it sitting in the OUTBOX indefinitely. E-mail server can handle e-mail attachents to 20GB. E-mail client settings are all correct. Internet provider confirms POP & SMPT settings are correct. *** But when Kaspersky is paused for 5' the e-maiil & its attachment of >5MB atachment goes immediately. :D :D Is there somewhere in Kasperky settings that this can be tweeked?? Trust help is out there :)
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Hello Oscar, Welcome!
  1. Kaspersky software name/s, version/s, patch/s is installed?
  2. Operating system, version, build?
  3. EMClient version?
  4. Has EMClient been added as a trusted application?
  5. Have you configured any ports for EMClient?
  6. Is EMClint being used synchronosly with any other services, e.g. Gmail, MsExchange, Outlook?
  7. Is Kaspersky "REPORTS" showing any events for EMClient?
  8. When did the issue begin, always? or recently?
Please let us know? Thanks?
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Hi Flood, Thank you for your help. Answers are:
  1. Kaspersky Total Security, Version, data base is on auto update
  2. Using Windows 10 Version 1903 ( OS build 18362.175)
  3. EM Client version 7.2.34711.0
  4. EM Client is listed as "trusted" in Kaspersky setings
  5. Ports recommended for EMClient: POP - Port 110, SMTP -Port 25.
  6. EmClient used as solo e-mail software
  7. Kasperky Reports shows a number of reports in last 24 hrs, but no reference to EM Client
  8. Noticed it 1-2 months ago as I rarely send attachments >500MB. No changes I can remember made to any software then.
When I queried EmClient support last month they said issue is elsewhere. Internet provider says issue is elsewhere. Problem is n overcome by pausing Kasperky. Hope this helps. Oscar
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Hello Oscar, Thanks for replying and the information. I'll start at the end & go backwards: All support escalations commonly hot potato issues.
  1. I'm about to start testing EMClient software to see if I can replicate the issue.
  1. Have you configured Kaspersky software for the ports you've listed?
  2. When you look at the reports from 1-2 months ago is there any logging for any EMClient events?
  3. Have you unistalled and reinstalled EmlClient?
  4. Have you unistalled and reinstalled KTS?
  1. IF the answer to 3. & 4. is NO, always do one software change at a time, and always, unistall, full power shutdown, restart, reinstall, full power shutdown, restart, (whatever software that's been uninstalled/reinstalled) run manual update, retest issue.
Please let us know? Thanks!
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Hi Flood, Appeciate your advice.
  1. I do not know where in Kaspersky settings the Port configuration option is. Please advise.
  2. Yes, there a two REPORTS within the last month (attached)
  3. EmClient version installed >6 minths ago. No recent install/uninstall.
  4. KTS never uninstalled but in computer settings under Programs is Kaspersky Secure Connection which I do not remember installing.
Hope that helps Oscar
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Hello Oscar, Thanks for replying and the information.
  1. Re KSC - Kaspersky's VPN, it comes pre-packaged with the main KIS software.
  2. If it's activated and a Kaspersky Customer has not signed into the portal KSC - the daily/data available is 200 mb, if the account is signed into the daily/data is 300
  3. If KSC - Kaspersky's VPN is active it may be contributing to the issue, however (imo) it's not the root cause. You can exclude KSC - Kaspersky's VPN entirely by disabling - Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter via Windows, Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections.
  4. Kaspersky's VPN can also be purchased as a standalone module, if you've not paid a KSC-VPN subscription you'll have the prepackaged module.
  1. Testing EMClient , there's a maximum message size, well below 500mb - see image
  2. Are you using a paid EMClient subscription?
  3. Have you tried unistalling and reinstalling EmClient?
  4. Have you tried unistalling and reinstalling KTS?
(Noting previous uninstall/reinstall advice) Re the uploaded reports: in both reports - EmClient, blocked banner - not relevant. Thanks.
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