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  1. Is there a method for me to scan a single email? 
  2. Or should I just discard it as spam?

Hello @ronbar 
Welcome back!

  1. Unfortunately not with any Kaspersky tools, both Spamcop.net & Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer - Message Header Analyzer, have email scanners, use the email source:  image 1 & 2 show how to find email source.



  2. It’s your choice. 
  • A simple check, you may already have done, to check the sender of any email, image 3 appears to show the mail is from Apple, move the email to Junk, select Block (don't select OK), the email shows the email is not from Apple - mark the email as phishing, or extract the source & report via Spamcop.  

Thank you🙏


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