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Each time I download Kaspersky, I am charged the download as for a new device.


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Hello guys,

I have purchased a Kaspersky Internet Security 2020 license for 10 devices.
Recently my Windows Home 10 crashed and I had to download Kaspersky Internet Security back.
I had already downloaded Kaspersky 8 times for each other device.
But now I have downloaded Kaspersky Internet Security twice because the operating system was reinstalled.
And each time Kaspersky charges this download as for a new device.
This isn't fair, is it!!!
Please advise you on this.
Best regards,

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@slavik, if you reinstalled or restored the operating system, the information about the license for Kaspersky Internet Security has not been saved. You must reactivate the antivirus with your activation code.
If the antivirus is connected to the my.kaspersky.com portal, then you can download the antivirus distribution kit from the portal  (https://my.kaspersky.com/MyDownloads#/) and after installation it will be activated automatically.

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