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does kaspersky dynamic ip i cant change

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hello i use premium kaspersky vpn but when i connect a same server it give me same ip adress therefore i cant use netflix australia 

have any solve to change my ip adress at same country i guess it call dynamic ip i have searched kaspersky have dyamic ip but i have not found any information

is there a solution to this ?

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Same question, why can't Kaspersky change the IP addresses of your servers? For instance, My Yahoo homepage worked fine using the Phoenix server for the past 2 years, but now when using that same server, I get an page error, page unavailable. If I switch to a different server, the page loads...but the local info is wrong because of the server location. The IP for the Phx server is the same....so I bet if you could change that IP once in a while, the problem would go away. My choice is to not have the home page work any longer....or turn off the VPN. This is in addition to more webpages simply not loading (Offerup, Yelp, ect) because the sites are blocking ALL traffic from Enoix servers addresses.


Is it time to move on to a more reliable VPN?

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