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Do I need a unique network name?

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According to Kaspersky: “If your network has a common network name (for example, Home), malefactors will be able to easily and quickly crack your network password by using special hacking programs. To increase your home wireless network’s security, create a unique name for you [sic] network.”

Can anyone suggest how that might work? Note that Kaspersky does not in this case advise hiding the SSID, so whatever name is chosen is seen by anyone who cares to look.

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(Ran out of space with my first answer)

Clicking on Why are such networks insecure? took me to a supposed explanation: a common network name would allegedly enable malefactors to use special hacking tools on my network. I cannot see how that would work, given that so many (most? almost all?) networks broadcast their SSIDs. 

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Hello  @Gruntfuttock,

Thank you for replying, the additional information & the image🙏 . 

In KSC-VPN, the  “Treat the following Wifi Networks as insecure”, Networks with common names” setting is selected:

Configuring Kaspersky Secure Connection

  • When/if (you) select “Ignore”, “Remember my choice for this Wifi network”, what happens?

Please let me know?

🔵Give your Wi-Fi network a unique name (SSID), may possibly answer your “Do I need a unique network name?” question.

Thank you. 

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Hi Flood,

Thanks for that - I found the settings you referred to; I would not have done had you not told me they were there.

I am still not clear why the advice is offered. It makes sense to say that if one feels that broadcasting one’s SSID is insecure, then choosing a really obvious SSID is foolish. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all. In any event, a hacker who is capable of cracking WPA2 would presumably have no trouble sniffing out a concealed SSID.


Mike B.  

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