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Disable Notifications of Quick Scan Completed - No Threats

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This is Kaspersky Secure Cloud free edition.

In Notification Settings “Notify about events” is checked, as I assume that is required in order to be aware of infections and other warnings. I do not see any option to select to NOT receive the “Quick Scan Completed - No Threats notification. (I can't cause the notification to happen on demand; it occurs once or twice a day whenever Kaspersky Security Cloud performs a quick scan, and it appears in the Windows 10 Notifications sidebar).

Or, am I wrong and I DON'T need to leave “Notify about events” checked in order to receive notifications when Kaspersky Security Cloud detects a potential security issue?

Or, (where) is the configuration for exactly WHICH “events” should notify? (I know that I can ignore certain things, but these Quick Scan Completed - No Threats notifications do not have a “do not show again” or “ignore all future” option like some other things in Kaspersky do have).


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Hello @libove

Thank you for replying and the additional information👏

  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free has more configurable options than older versions of free Kaspersky AV software. 


App main window

Notifications options


  • If the Quick Scan completed notification is popping on the Desktop, image 4, in Windows Notification Centre, image 5, uncheck Show notification banners for Kaspersky Security Cloud, image 6, see video at the end of my reply to show how the alerts change when the options are checked or unchecked; you may also wish to uncheck uncheck Show notifications in the action centre (for Kaspersky Security Cloud), image 6 again, however, suppressing all notifications can be unwise. 

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6



Thank you🙏

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Hi Flood,

Thanks for the detailed explanation and how-to pointers. I have found that in-software checkbox that you screenshotted above.

The concern remains: As (I assume, and you state) suppressing ALL notifications (from within that configuration panel in the Kaspersky software) is a bad idea (as it likely will suppress real security notifications), then,  if I suppress notifications through Windows, how do I know WHICH notifications I will now no longer see?

Here, by the way, is a sample of the notification:


I did, this time, click on Manage notifications, and select to disable “this” notification".

But, does Windows really know that “this” notification is ONLY “Quick Scan complete - No threats” which is a notice that I really don't need to see, while “Quick Scan complete - anything else” I do still need to see?

I believe that this should be in the Kaspersky software's own configuration about which events the user wishes the software to raise (allow the user to uncheck “all is well” notifications), rather than left to the user to guess whether Microsoft/Windows properly guesses how narrowly or broadly suppressing “this” notification in the Windows Notifications settings should be interpreted.

Aside, a huge thank you to Kaspersky for doing something that very few free antivirus solutions do - allow users to disable in-software touts to buy the paid version. That is a massive PR win in my book. It was the reason that I ceased using AVG's free products. (I ceased using AVG's paid products because they just were too complicated to manage.)




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  • Solution

Hello @libove, Jay, 

You’re most welcome☺ !

Thank you for replying & the image👍

  1. Other Kaspersky Security Cloud notifications/alerts will continue. 
  2.  “Manage notifications, select to disablethis” notification", does exactly that, it disables the specific notification, as long as the Kaspersky software is not reset to default configuration, if a reset is done, the original notifications will resume. 
  3. Unchecking Windows Notification Centre, Show notification banners for Kaspersky Security Cloud, IF you wish to stop notifications/alerts popping on the Desktop, it does not stop Kaspersky Security Cloud notifications, it simply stops the issue you’ve complained about. 

Thank you🙏

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it appears in the Windows 10 Notifications sidebar

You can selectively disable windows sidebar notifications.

Can you please specify your KSCloud version.




My application version is (j), per clicking on the support icon on the app main page.


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