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Difference between Kaspersky Security Cloud and Kaspersky Internet Security

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I've been a subscriber to KIS for several years without truly knowing what it did, and since my sub recently expired I'm downgrading to KSC while I process which Antivirus software package/combination I should purchase or opt into.

Previously, I was using a combination of Malwarebytes + KIS. From my brief read in the installation process, I understand KSC interferes with Malwarebytes?

What are the pros and cons and/or comparion factors between my previous protection install (KIS paid+MWB free) and my current one (KSC free)?

Previously, KIS paid+MWB free had a few instances where it automatically detected and quarantined Trojans. I'm worried if KSC free offers the same functionality

Hopefully by looking at the differences I will also get a better idea of how to choose the next paid sub if I need it.

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