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Devices in My Network notification keeps popping up, telling me that a new device has been added to my WiFi, even if it's not true

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Hi everybody,

As the title says and as you can see from the screenshot above, Kaspersky Security Cloud 21 keeps notifying me that a new device has been connected to my network, but it’s not true.

Because the laptop in question, a Lenovo IdeaPad 320, is my cousin’s PC, which I’ve formatted last week and returned to her 5 days ago.

I’ve checked the MAC address of this “IDEAPAD-320” and it’s the same of my cousin’s laptop, so it’s not someone who’s using my network, pretending to be it.

Its behaviour is very simple: after the notification by KSC as in the screenshot, the device is reported to be online just for some seconds, than it goes offline.

Even if I ignore and remove it, it reappears after some minutes.

What can I do to fix this issue?
Thank you very much in advance

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