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DellSupportAssistRemedationService detected as a high risk trojen

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Whenever “DellSupportAssistRemedationService” tries to create backup, it’s being identified by Kaspersky as a high risk trojen and attempts to delete it. This can cause issues to system stability and i’m also puzzled if this is a false positive or a real trojen. Pls help. Following are the details in the log.


Result description: Detected
Type: Trojan
Name: HEUR:Trojan.Win64.Reincarnation.gen
Precision: Partially
Threat level: High
Object type: File
Object name: F150FB5FE145DBF8A7829452226EBA983C0441D6.exe
Object path: C:\ProgramData\Dell\SARemediation\SystemRepair\Snapshots\Backup
MD5: 8A874AF5C543A7FA5A4BEF61E7A1C842
Reason: Expert analysis
Databases release date: Today, 01-07-2021 09:17:00

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