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Deleting Kaspersky lab files leftover

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I have a folder that is left over in C drive that I cannot delete. The main folder is Kaspersky Security Lab and that opens to Kaspersky Security Cloud 21.3 and that opens to X64. 

These are the files I cannot delete as when I try to delete them it says it is opened in another program.









I was able to delete a whole lot just in safe mode but I could not delete these specific files above even in safe mode. 

I try to use the Kaspersky removal tool 2021 but the files are still there. I realize that maybe some people dont mind the extra files being there , but I do.

Please if anyone knows how to remove these stubborn files tell me the exact steps i need to take to do it.

I have also tried things like iobit unlocker...didn’t work. 

If this means I need to change or delete my account or whatever then tell me about this. 

I am at a complete loss…..

(The files i think are left because i did not realize i had to go through exact procedures with the company in uninstalling this free antivirus cloud...so i uninstalled it incorrectly through iobit forced uninstaller and that’s why things went incorrect….my fault)

Help me get rid of these and any other hidden files...thank you

By the way…...i don’t think this is a bad program ….it just wasn’t for me needs.

Appreciate  any assistance…..if it helps my wife is Russian and i lived in Nizhny Novgorod for 2 years. spacceeba vem balshoya











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