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Deleted reports and Quarantine


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1 hour ago, Adi said:

After some time, Kaspersky Internet Security deleted old reports (history) and cleared my Quarantine.

  1. Is there a way to recover it?

Hello @Adi


KIS, Reports and Quarantine settings: In the Reports section, you can configure the settings for report creation and storage. 

Store reports no longer than:

  • ◻️This check box enables / disables the option for limiting the period for reports storage. Reports can be stored for one day, one week, one or six months, or one year.
  • ◻️If this check box is selected, reports are stored during the period selected in the drop-down list located next to the check box. When this time period ends, Kaspersky Internet Security deletes the report.
  • ◻️If this check box is cleared, the storage duration for reports is unlimited.

If you've not changed the defaults, we don't believe the reports can be recovered, unless you have backups, history or other type of recovery media enabled; however, you may wish to check with support; on the support page select either Chat or Email, then fill in, Application malfunction, Other template; support may request logs, traces & other data, they will guide you

Please share the outcome, with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you?

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