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Couldn’t uninstall Citrix PVS TD before installing LA [KSV Light Agent]

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If the Citrix PVS TD has been installed in the Citrix PVS template, the Citrix PVS TD should be uninstalled from this template before installing the KSV Light Agent. After LA is installed, we can reinstall the Citrix PVS TD in it.

In the following case, we found that Citrix PVS TD could not be properly uninstalled in the PVS template. The error appears as follows:



This PVS template is booted from a virtual disk image (vDisk) instead of a local virtual disk, so it cannot be unloaded.


  1. Create a new maintenance version;
  2. Start a target device in the. maintenance mode;
  3. Attach a new virtual disk to the target device in this maintenance mode, format it, and set it to the active partition;
  4. Using c:\program files\citrix\provisioning services\P2PVS tool,partition to partition, making mirror copies;
  5. After the copy is completed, change the boot item of the target device to disk boot and enable it with the virtual disk just copied;
  6. Then we can uninstall and install the new virtual machine template;
  7. After uninstalling and installing, recapture vDisk.
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