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Continuous stream of data from mobile device? How to monitor which app streams the data? [Closed]

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Hi, I am a Kaspersky Internet Security for Android user, few weeks ago I noticed that my modem’s wifi light is continously flickering(blinking) 24x7 without any interruption and whenever I turn-off the wifi of my mobile device, flickering stops. I have other mobile devices in my house but none of them have this problem. I factory-reseted the device but that didn’t help. I turned off microphone and camera permissions for all apps, turned off android auto updates but streaming of data continues. My modem doesn’t have detailed connection information for devices, only data usage) KIS for PC has a superior firewall monitor, with the ability to block applications. But mobile version lacks this feature.

How can I find out (Is there a way) which app is streaming data, maybe it’s a service that I’m using but I’m not aware of, such as an assistant. Or is it normal that newer version of android 9 and above continously stream data.

Device is Galaxy Note 8, Android 9, Kernel 4.4.111

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Hello  @ergin,


🛑 On Android, is KIS Premium or Free? 🛑

If it’s Premium, please contact Kaspersky Technical Support

TS will request an Aida64 report, they may also ask you to install a KIS bug version, they will send you a link to download & install. 

  • If KIS is the free version, please let me know?

Regarding  “is it normal that newer version of android 9 and above continously stream data”, you must contact the Android provider, check the User Manual & or their Technical Support, or their User Forum. 

Please post back?

Thank you

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Hi, Thank you for your answer.

It’s premium.

Since you mentioned the KIS bug version, I don’t think that the problem is related to KIS since problem exists with or without KIS but I will contact Kaspersky Technical Support.

I am looking for a way to determine the app causing the problem.

Thank you.

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Hello   @ergin,

You;’re very welcome!

Kaspersky Technical Support can & will provide support for KIS. 

determine which app is causing the problem”, is out of scope for Kaspersky Technical Support. 

If you wish to troubleshoot, disable each, all apps, one by one, until you narrow down the root cause, or back up the phone: everything, do a factory reset on the phone, test the naked phone, install a network analysis app, then install one app, test, next app, test, so on & so forth until you find the culprit… 

Look in GooglePlayStore for Network “analysis/capture” apps, there’s several that do work without needing to root the phone. 

If more detailed troubleshooting is required: contact the Android provider, their Technical Support, check the User Manual & or their User Forum, or if necessary, the developer(s) for the app you think may be causing the issue. 

When you find the root cause, please let me know? I’m curious🤔

Thank you🙏

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