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When I try to log in to My Kaspersky I am asked to use a code that should be sent to my mobile number. Unfortunately, I am currently roaming outside the country of this number. As a result, I am not recieveing any codes. Is there another way to log in without this code? maybe a code from the authenticator app? I am not getting back home before 3 or 4 months and I need to be able to manage my Kasperski acccount during this period.

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Hello @Wassim667


  • It depends how (you) set up 2FA on the MyKaspersky account… ? 

It can be authentication by code sent via SMS & by Authenticator app:

How to set up two-step verification




  • To change how 2FA has been setup, it’s necessary to be logged into your MyKaspersky account. 
  • Contact Technical support, they may be able to help.

Thank you🙏


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