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Cloud security not loaded upon startup

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As far as we are concerned, storing data in the cloud makes more sense than using the increasingly outdated traditional storage methods. Here’s why:

Where the cloud is headed

The cloud is booming like few other technologies ever have. Many businesses and individuals are already experiencing huge benefits from adopting the public cloud and it is becoming more and more difficult to operate effectively without doing so.

The cloud is secure

As research suggests, cloud application development in itself is inherently secure, because data stored in it is nearly always encrypted. However, where the keys to that encryption are held differs from service to service, and so it is worth checking this out when you are considering which cloud storage service to choose. You can also take a few basic steps to enhance your data’s security (more on that below).

It’s not the cloud that is insecure; it’s the user

It’s all in the strategy

Your senior leadership team needs to be fully and completely on board when it comes to the cloud, and they need to feed this into a company-wide strategy that controls access to, and the security of, the cloud. The strategy should include advice and guidance on what data can be placed into the cloud, how, why, and under what conditions.

How to boost cloud security yourself

Still not convinced the cloud is quite secure enough for you? There are a few steps you can take to enhance the protection afforded to you by the cloud:

  • Use authenticated encryption. This means that you can store extra metadata, which allows you to see if and when the file has been altered in any way. This makes the data more secure because only using encryption prior to upload doesn’t prevent the cloud company from modifying your files.
  • If this conversation is beyond your comprehension of technology, then you need to search for a cloud storage provider with open-source software. As with any technology, it pays to do your research.

Cloud experts say that the cloud is secure and it is time to believe them. Storing data in the cloud is nothing to fear; without the complacency of a firewall, many cloud services have been developed with high levels of security in mind. The cloud is here to stay, and we are excited to witness more and more enterprise-wide cloud adoption.

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