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Change language of KSC from Italian to English


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I installed an Italian trial version of KSC, and I purchased also a 1-year license.


Now, I’d like to change my language of KSC to English (I have already set up my Windows 10 computer on English US and also the My Kaspersky.


I tried the combination of Shift + F12, but every time I reboot the computer the UI switch again to Italian; also, the Edge extension also is in Italian.


Any advice?



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@nicos18 For KSCloud Personal EN please go to : https://support.kaspersky.com/us/15417

I tried to follow your link, but in the main UI of the installation page it said that that package is not intended to use in the EU.


I did this and find the right pack:


-I visited the Kaspersky Global website: https://www.kaspersky.com/

-I visited the page for Kaspersky Security Cloud personal

-I selected the 30-day free trial button

-From the drop-down menu, I selected “European Union” and then I selected “Download now”

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