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Certified LENA 3.12 is not updating [Kaspersky Endpoint Agent]

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  1. "Databases and modules update task" is configured for hosts with LENA 3.12 installed.
  2. Task is executed via KSC.


  1. "Activate KEA" task is configured for the hosts with LENA or has been configured and deleted in the past.
  2. An update is executed locally, using lenactl works.
  3. KLNagent successfully synchronizes with the server. Other installed applications (e.g. KESL) display no synchronization issues.


To fix the issue:

  1. Remove the "Activate KEA" task or any other configured KEA tasks except for "Databases and modules update task" for hosts with LENA installed.
  2. If necessary, move hosts with LENA to a separate group or configure other desired KEA tasks using a selection for Windows hosts only.
  3. Ensure there are no tasks except for "Databases and modules update task" remaining for hosts with LENA installed in KSC.
  4. Option A. Reinstall LENA on hosts to get rid of cached activation tasks.
  5. Option B. Remove the problematic cached tasks locally:
    1. Stop LENA:
      # systemctl stop epagent
    2. Remove the cached tasks:
      # rm -rf /var/opt/kaspersky/epagent/tasks/*
    3. Start LENA
      # systemctl start epagent
    4. Force synchronization with the host, e.g. by calling klnagchk.
      # /opt/kaspersky/klnagent64/bin/klnagchk
    5. Ensure one task is recieved.
      # ll /var/opt/kaspersky/epagent/tasks/
  6. Execute "Databases and modules update task" on KSC. Ensure it finishes successfully.
  7. Double check locally that the bases are updated.


  1. LENA connector that receives the product tasks from KLNagent is only configured to accept valid tasks ant halt synchronization if an invalid task is received.
  2. Only "Databases and modules update task" is considered to be valid for certified LENA version.
  3. "Activate KEA" task is received or cached first. Connector halts synchronization once it is processed.
  4. An update task is never received by the product.
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