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Can't edit Kaspersky settings


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Today i tried to connect my computer to an SQL server on xampp, as usual. But impossible to establish the connection.


After a few searches, I found that Kaspersky is blocking the connection with a self defense option. I tried to remove that but I figured out that I can’t edit anything from the settings. Im in admin account on Windows, and Kaspersky was already installed on it when I got it from work. I don’t have  the email account, neither as the password. 


How can I edit theese settings please ?

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There may be an option.. if you find it you can follow the below steps:
In the application settings window, select General Settings → Application Settings. Do one of the following: To enable the Self-Defense mechanism, select the Enable Self-Defense check box. To disable the Self-Defense mechanism, clear the Enable Self-Defense check box.

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