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Cannot Guarantee Authenticity Message

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Can you help please?



I keep getting the following message pop up:   Cannot Guarantee authenticity of domain to which an encrypted connection is being established.

Application: Microsoft Windows Operating System

URL: Ion21r2msedge.net

Reason: Invalid name of certificate, either the name is not on the allowed list or was explicitly excluded.


I believe the URL seems to point to a Microsoft Edge Server, but don’t no whether it is legit.

Having run Superantispyware system investigator

it shows up 4 invalid .dll files and a lot of unsigned .dll files related to Windows system.  This is just a few of the many unsigned .DLL files the system investigator found


it flags them as Microsoft Corporation Unsigned Digital Certificate not present or unavailable to verify.


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I am using free version of Kaspersky Security Cloud. I am unable to access settings now as it will not accept my password for some reason. It says invalid password. It was working o.k before but now It is saying it is invalid. I have only noticed the problems since I recently installed Kaspersky.

Windows is updating o.k and shows up to date, and Windows history shows updates present

Here is GSI

There is a folder named eventlogs but I cannot upload it. contained in the folder is 2 files named:

application.evt and system.evt when I try to upload folder there is nothing there. They are no text files, those files open event viewer in Windows when clicked on. There is a text file called windowsupdate.log but I don’t think that is what you mean. I think there should be a windows event .txt file but I can’t find one.





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