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Can I revert to the previous version? [ KIS 2021, I can't enter info from the notification into Trusted URLs]


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Until a few days ago I was running KIS 2020.

When I was web browsing with KIS 2020, if KIS opened a popup to warn me of a suspicious site, I knew how to add that URL to the KIS exclusions list.

Without asking my consent, few days ago my version of KIS was “upgraded” to 2021.

Now when KIS 2021 opens a warning popup, I no longer understand how to add that site to the exclusions list.

I have emailed Kaspersky asking for help, but so far their replies have not corrected my problem.

This morning i took part in a remote support session to fix this, but that too was unsuccessful.

To answer your question- I did not have this problem when I was running KIS 2020.

That is why I would like to revert to KIS 2020 from what I was changed to; KIS 2021.

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Thanks, Berny-
Here's the problem I am having with KIS 2021.
When KIS 2020 was running on my laptop, when a popup warning about a website appeared, the popup appeared while the subject website was open in my browser.
So I was able to copy its URL and paste it into the KIS 2020 "Add Exclusion" tool.
But now, with KIS 2021 running on my laptop, when a warning popup about "something" appears the text in the warning popup (note that this text is not able to be copied) is different from the URL I see in any open browser window.
Note that these popups having been appearing even with when I am trying to access websites which I consider trustworthy, such as The New York Times or The Washington Post.
I do not know what KIS 2021 is expecting me to copy or type into the "Trusted URLs" window.
What am I doing wrong or not understanding?
Thanks again for trying to help me.

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OK; the requested screenshot is attached.

I think this popup appeared just after I opened the web page for The Washington Post.

When I clicked the “Continue” button in this popup, a new popup appeared.

I was unable to save a screenshot of the new popup, as my snipping tool was disabled when the new popup appeared.

I do not remember what I then clicked in the new popup to allow me to continue.

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You wrote:
"...you need to manually add the domain ws-us2.pusher.com to the exclusions encrypted connections scan..."
I cannot copy the text "ws-us2.pusher.com" from the popup window.
I must manually type it into the "Exclusions" window.
Copy/paste is more reliable than manually typing it in.
1. Is there any way for me to copy/paste the text "ws-us2.pusher.com"?
You added:
"But most likely you have problems with root certificates on the system."
I do not understand what that means.
More questions:
2. Would root certificate problems cause the problem for which I am seeking help?
3. How can I determine if I have root certificate problems?
4. If there are such problems, how can they be corrected?
5. Who can/should correct such problems?


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The question mentioned in this email from Kaspersky was
"Can I revert to the previous version? [KIS 2021, I can't enter info from the notification into Trusted URLs]"
When I logged into the Forum in response to this email, none of the replies I saw addressed my question.
Two different answers (one from Raaj on 11/12, and another from Amin on 11/13) explained...
Raaj: how to manage exclusions in KIS 2021 the same way that I had used in KIS 2020, and then
Amin: how to delete all service reports.
These 2 replies made it unnecessary for me to revert.
Many thanks to Raaj and to Amin.

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