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Can I add Lifelock and still run Kapsersky? [Closed]

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Anyone using Kaspersky and Lifelock? I understand the computer will not run both their Norton antivirus + Kaspersky. I want to keep Kaspersky but like LifeLock added benefits. Can I add Lifelock and still run Kaspersky?
Hello Unknowing, Welcome! Is LifeLock an standalone software or part of a Norton suite? Kaspersky's stated advice is: Using Kaspersky Security Cloud alongside incompatible applications may lead to errors in the application and the operating system. We recommend you to remove any incompatible applications before installing Kaspersky Security Cloud. While LifeLock is not specifically listed, Norton product ranges are. List of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Security Cloud 20 If you wish to use a product, install it, see if there's a conflict, if there is: remove, reboot, and send a request to Kaspersky Technical Support, asking their advice. Best regards
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