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BSOD after installing Kaspersky internet security(fwpkclnt.sys - kmode_exception_not_handled)

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What the sha1 hash value to the file:  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\FWPKCLNT.SYS. Could you do a simple check before provide full memory dump and gsi report to KL support?


CRC32: 415A731F
MD5: 278DE9598FD142F8A57D9A5B1D0DCB7D
SHA-1: 37F99992CF65A549FAADADB2DD2E4AC73D41B176
SHA-256: 6FD12B99A7BDF9F6CCC33F02A808185F536E921587BDD90FFDC38D5FE915FE23


Does this file have its vaild digtial vertification?


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