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Brute Force Attack on Password Manager

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I never typed in multiple incorrect master passwords to see how Password Manager handles them.

I’m wondering how Kaspersky Password Manager handles brute force attacks at guessing the master password. Does anyone know ?




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Hello @celsurf,

Welcome again!

  • If the correct Kaspersky Password Manager Master password is not used a new Kaspersky Password Manager vault has to be created, no access to the original vault is possible without the correct Master password. 
  • The New vault creation process has the option to create a backup copy of the original vault, the data remains protected and is unable to be restored unless the correct original Master password is used.

Thank you🙏


Locked Kaspersky Password Manager for Microsoft Windows

Forgot your master password?

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Don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate all the detailed information above, however, there is no mention of password manager have a defense mechanism against a brute force attack.

I could try entering several incorrect passwords in PM to see how it responds but I thought I’d ask the community before testing.



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Submitted a ticket to support and they responded.


Password Manager has a mechanism that locks PM for an hour after several incorrect passwords are entered. This is also the case for encrypted vaults that you create and store confidential files into. 

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