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Boot issues on Dell → Windows logo not on boot screen.

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Hello everyone

Actually i  had reinstalled windows on my laptop by bootable pen drive because after i had installed Kaspersky on the machine the windows logo from the boot screen and even after uninstalling the software and reinstalling the windows via pen drive(mentioning that .ISO file was totally virus free) the windows logo is not seen now at the boot screen.


No GUI Boot is disabled from system configuration.


Please help with the same


Regards & Thanks


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I have a hp laptop and desktop.

In laptop, windows logo is not shown in boot screen (i.e. hp logo » black screen (2 sec) » login screen)

Whereas, in my desktop, it shows hp logo » windows logo » black screen (0.5s to 1 sec) » login screen.


So, Your issue is like my laptop or, something else ?

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@Apal  @UDAY_CHAUHAN  I would like to help both of you but if Kaspersky is not involved in your problem please visit the Microsoft Community ?

No no, this is not a issue ?. I was just telling him, that this is not a serious issue, as I have seen that hp laptops doesn’t show windows logo. And, I don’t think kaspersky is involved in any way, as these laptops were not showing windows logo since unboxing it.

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