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BattleEye Problem with Kaspersky Internet security, blocked loading of file klhkum.dll [Closed]

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it's been a while that i have this problem while launching Rainbow 6 , battle eye keeps saying : blocked loading of file klhkum.dll

and it fails to run the game.

i googled the problem and found out that dll file is related to kaspersky antivirus ,so i looked for the rules and other things related about firewall and etc,

i also paused the protection and it didn't work

then i uninstalled the antivirus and tried it again and it worked!

so i dont know what to do to solve this problem with a permanent solution !

i also use kaspersky internet security 2019 (by its latest version )

and there is no signs of virus or anything suspicious .

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Hello  @Farzin01 


🛑 Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support , zip the file, password protect the zip archive and tell Support the password you’ve used; please provide Support Team with comprehensive information, including history, KIS All Events Report & images, so they can help with the issue.

▶ The Support Team will ask for a GSI & Windows Logs & Traces, run as the issue is replicated, the Support Team will guide you with the collection of the Traces

☢ You may also wish to submit the file(s) Kaspersky is blocking at Kaspersky Virus Lab, if the scan result is “safe”, select Submit for analysis, add your email address & accept the “Consent”, the VirusLab experts with perform a detailed analysis. After adding your email address, you’ll receive an auto-mated email with the VirusLab Reference Number. 

If you do submit the file(s) to the VirusLab, please include the information when you log the issue with Kaspersky Technical Support Team. 

 ⚠ Please also contact BattleEye developers & advise them of the issue. 

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you. 

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