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Applock fingerprint doesn't work


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I have  android 12 , and since the last update I cannot unlock my apps using my fingerprint.  The pictures appear but nothing happens.  I have  uninstalled the app, powered off phone reinstalled the app etc. And nothing happens anymore suggestios

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Hello @Jellybaby


There appears to have been several similar reports of v12 & KIS App lock, fingerprint authentication, please log a request with Kaspersky support, select either Chat or Email, then select Application malfunction, Other template; support may request logs, traces, & other data, they will guide you.

  • 💥 If selecting Chat option, we recommend you request a copy of the chat transcript, make sure you fill in your email address AFTER the chat is activated by the Chat agent & complete the Verify your email address email AFTER the chat completes.

Please share the outcome with the Community?

Thank you🙏



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