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Application Error The instruction at 0x00007FF79F83FE4E referenced memory at 0x0...38. The memory could not be read. After deleting trojan malware.


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As i installed kaspersky security cloud (free trial) ran a few tests and it found some trojan malware. So i deleted them all, and it told me to restart my pc. As i was turning it off this message

“Application Error

The instruction at 0x00007FF79F83FE4E referenced memory at 0x0000000000000038. The memory could not be read.” 

pops up. Now it pops up every time upon shutting down. I couldnt get a picture because it turned off quickly but i did remember some text so i googled it. So i know its not a hardware problem so its definitely a software problem, either trojan did something and by removing it it messed something up. Or kaspersky deleted some files that were detected as false positives. I know its not a big deal and it wont break my pc but its still very confusing.

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