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Antivirus cannot enter external HD with virus

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Windows 10 Pro, i7 machine.

I have a 2 TB external HD with 500 GIG of free space. Suddenly the drive had 0 free space. I erased about 50 GIGs of old files, but when I started the computer the next day I had no free space again. After erasing many folders and creating more space this problem has continued. When I installed Kaspersky after some failures to enter the external HD karsperky entered and did a disk check but before and ever after kaspersky announces that the check of the external drive lasted 2 seconds and checked only one or two files, as if the external drive had only one or two files. The External disk has one and half terabytes of data. I installed and run  Treesize software but did nothing to solve the problem.

Any help will be much appreciated

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When I plug the external drive Kaspersky bounces back and forth from it without been able to enter. It does a 1 or two file scan, ends, and goes again to the next scan every minute “indefinitely”.

If I buy an antivirus software and it cannot do its job cleaning a HD it seems to me that it is an Antivirus issue. The external HD is operational to open files and to gobble the space I create by erasing folders - but not to save in it when all space is taken - and works to consume any space I make in it. IS ALIVE, is not a HD malfunction.

I am not familiar with the technical details but it seem like an MBR takeover virus.


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