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Android, receiving a message: Device Locked


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hi i’m always receiving like this message this device is locked please return to its owner,



one time i was sitting and was not using my mobile suddenly the screen turned on  with green background and showing this massage , 

and today also i was using google map with navigator was open by phone and it show me this message again, 

what dos it mean ??????
attached screenshot during this case !!!!!



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Dear Kaspersky,


I am having the exact same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Android 11, build 998BXXU3AUHB).


The issue only occurs when I am away from home and on mobile data.

Whenever I use my phone it periodically during usage brings up 'Device Locked'* (as user alimohd showcases on his screenshot).

I can easily unlock my phone but the frequency is unbearable, which is within minutes or seconds of using my phone.

I use Android aspersky beta software for both Security Cloud (beta v1.45.0.33) and Anti-virus (I was unable to fetch update version after leaving the beta programme).


My second issue is that My Kaspersky correctly sees my two devices added to my subscription, however my phone is not syncing to your services; I cannot update the database for the sync and unable to use the Anti-theft functions for testing (such as Alarm).

I have taken a screenshot of the screen and the Update Database on this screen is non-functioning.



In order to try and resolve my issues, today (18/09/21) I updated my Kaspersky password, removed myself from the Android Beta programme for each Kaspersky app mentioned above, and reluctantly disabled Kaspersky Anti-theft protocols in order to uninstall both apps.


I will try the public version of each app however I am disappointed that this issue is disrupting my usage of my phone.


*I did not use My Kaspersky to continuously lock my phone either. The issue described is as described above.


I will update here on whether the public versions of the app work however I wanted to write here that the issue is apparent from another user.

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Hi Berny


I am unsure if you understood the issue I presented, however I did state that I was moving from the official Android Kaspersky Beta software and instead to the official Android Kaspersky public release software instead.


Nevertheless, the issues I presented above have not been mitigated:

When I am away from home Kaspersky Security intermittently and in increasing frequency states that my device is locked and return to owner.


I require help as to what is triggering this issue as I am not using My Kaspersky webpage to do this, and my password has been changed since the issue started.


Here is a screenshot of the issue for reference:


Kaspersky Internet Security v11.70.4.5882

Kaspersky Security Cloud v1.45.0.33

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Android 11, build 998BXXU3AUHB) 

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Hi Berny,


Since my post I first want to apologise for being a little cutting earlier; the issue I am having is causing serious grief with my daily activities when I am away from home, as my phone becomes borderline unusable with the frequent locking whilst using the phone.


A few hours ago I did contact Kaspersky Technical Support and I have a ticket for the issue; I have already submitted log dumps to them and I hope that they can find both the (trigger) fault and a solution to this issue.

Once I have more info I shall try and update here.


Thank you for trying to help, and please continue to do so with the community.


Kind regards and have a great weekend!

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