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Ancestry web site button fails when KIS is running

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I don’t use the Ancestry web site frequently, but tonight I found that their button that allows the generation of an email or link so others can access my family tree, Fails to function correctly.

My default browser is Firefox, but this problem also happens with new Edge.

My (reluctant) work around is to disable KIS and reboot.

Ancestry is the only web site that I’ve had to resort to this action!

I have made Ancestry aware of the problem.

Any suggestions??

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Hello @wgcuser

Welcome again!

  1. Do general housekeeping on both browsers, clear cookies, cache etc. 

🅰 As a test only, uncheck each of the following (1 & 2) one at a time & test each, in both browsers:

  1. ❓ IF (KIS) Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages is toggled OFF, does the issue persist? 
  2. ❓ IF (KIS) Do not scan encrypted connections is checked = ON, does the issue persist? 


  1. Activate Private browsing → allow data collection exclusion. 
  2. Activate Anti-banner exclusion → allow on ancestry www exclusion.
  3. Add Web Anti-Virus exclusion → add ancestry www as a Trusted URL. 
  4. Add ancestry domain to Encrypted connections scan exclusions.
  • If the issue persists, in each browser, open the console log, clear the log, replicate the issue, post a full screen image of both logs?

Thank you🙏


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@Flood and Flood's wife 

A1 Turning off Script injection made no improvement - in fact I could not even log onto the site!


A2  Think “Do not scan encrypted connections”  was not set on, so tried setting ON - no improvement.  Reset to “Scan encrypted connections upon request from protection components” - which I presume is the default.

Rather than proceeding to B, decided to tweak default browser (Firefox) by making Options>Privacy & Security>Permissions>Exception to Allow popups from Ancestry site.

This exception allows me  to access the Tree Sharing options on Ancestry!

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Just to confirm, you made the modification directly in the Firefox browser, not the KIS application or the Kaspersky protection extension. 

We’re delighted the issue is resolved🤸

Thank you🙏



Yes, only the Browser was Modified in fact I used the KIS Settings>Manage Settings>Restore, to undo inadvertent changes.

I should have Backed settings up to a file before I started (or used paper and pencil!! 😉 ) slap on wrist.

I’m also delighted.

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