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Am I the only person annoyed by the scheduler?


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I find the scheduler very annoying. It’s fine if the PC is switched on when a scan is scheduled, but if it’s switched off or sleeping, the only option is to schedule it for the next day (or am I missing something?). Not much use if you have a daily schedule.

I’m sure that it’s possible for the scheduler to wake up a sleeping or hibernating machine, and also to start the scan when the machine is switched on after being switched off. My backup system does this without problems.

Is it too much to ask that Kaspersky does the same?

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@Berny I wasn’t sure what you meant by ‘Windows settings’ - it’s a bit ambiguous. Your 2nd reply mentioned the Windows power settings, which don’t mention anything about other applications being allowed to wake the machine up on a schedule.

I’ll take this across to Kaspersky support as you suggest.

Thanks for the suggestions.

[later] Tech support say that they’ll pass it up to the dev team as a suggestion.

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