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After scanning with Free, email body missing, Thunderbird and Windows 7.


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Hello @Karl27,


  1. May we have an image of ‘”emails have no body ” please?
  2. Before installing Kaspersky was a incompatible applications check done? 
  3. Since installing Kaspersky, has the system been shutdown and restarted? 
  4. Has a Database update been run?
  5. Which scan was run that resulted in the “ emails having no body “?

Please post back?

Thank you🙏


How to find the name and the version number of a Kaspersky application

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I ran a Full Scan and Kapersky found a number of Trojans which I deleted.

Unfortunately I don’t have a recent backup.  I assumed that Kapersky has sufficient credibilty so I was not too concerned.

I uninstalled and no change.  I am meticulous with creating restore points so I restored to before I installed Kapersky.  When restore finished I got an error to say that the restore point was corrupted and that no files had been changed.  I went back to restore to try an earlier restore point and all of my restore points have disappeared.

At this point I searched my drive and my registry and emoved every instance of Kapersky.  Somehow I will have to get through without my historical emails.

After this experience I will never again consider Kapersky, and I have already created a summary of this nightmare and sent it to everyone in my address book.  Forewarned is forearmed.

Thanks to those that replied.


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