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Activation reset request - nobody is getting back to me?!

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I contacted support after upgrading my pc and reinstalling windows Kaspersky tells me I’ve run out of activations and I need to have it reset. I got an automated response telling me to provide the email I purchased it with which I did. Since then I’ve heard nothing back?!

Please advise,


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It’s KIS, I have 527 days left of a 3 device licence. It’s active on my daughter’s PC only. It was until recently also on my android phone and office PC. I uninstalled it on my phone as I found it to obtrusive. On my office PC I have just this week upgraded the CPU, Motherboard, RAM, and Graphics Card. As windows required newly activating due to the new hardware, and because I wanted it all to run smoothly I reinstalled Win 10 Pro.

On reinstalling KIS (latest version downloaded a few days ago) it will not activate using my code - it states I have exceeded the number of activations for the code.

I contacted support to request the reset and got an automated reply generated by their text analysis feature. It said I had three response I could make depending on how it was purchased (digitally on the Kaspersky website). In this case it says “simply tell us which e-mail you used to make the purchase.”

I did this immediately and have not had any response - it only says 

“Waiting for processing the request”

Meanwhile my PC is not protected and I’m losing days off my subscription :(


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Hello @JaHaWi,


  • Regarding “Waiting for processing the request”, try another device, does the same error show?
  • Note: sometimes, the Support Team may take some time to respond to requests submitted by the portal; if the request is urgent, and if (Support) Online Chat or Phone support is available in your region, use one of those options to engage Technical Support; give them  them the incident reference number you’ve already received, ask them to assist? 


Thank you🙏



"You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code" error

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