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Access denied: Web anti-virus blocks msedge.exe from accessing a js file hosted on AWS.

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OS: Windows 11 Pro v21H2

Kaspersky Total Internet Secruity



Event: Access denied
User type: Active user
Application name: msedge.exe
Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application
Component: Web Anti-Virus
Result description: Blocked
Type: Malicious link
Name: http://extanalyticspro.s3-website.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/mmjdebklmfjajmoplcloodegnkanahmm.js
Precision: Exactly
Threat level: High
Object type: Web page
Object name: mmjdebklmfjajmoplcloodegnkanahmm.js
Object path: http://extanalyticspro.s3-website.us-east-2.amazonaws.com
Reason: Databases
Databases release date: Today, 7/30/2022 3:40:00 AM

This access denied msg from Kaspersky Total Internet Security pops up every time my Windows system boots up, and every time Microsoft Edge was open and closed.

Googling mmjdebklmfjajmoplcloodegnkanahmm.js return 0 result basically.

I suspect that perhaps one of the MS Edge extensions installed is causing this, here're the list of them:

  • 1Password
  • All Video Downloader Professional
  • Dark Reader
  • Privacy Badger
  • uBlock Origin

All extensions were installed via MS extension store, none from external sources like Chrome Store. I've tried to uninstalled all the extensions, but the Access denied issue persists. 


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Hello to all who should have the same problem. I was able to further isolate the extension in question in Microsoft Edge, and the trigger is the Snapstream video downloader extension. After I removed this extension from Edge, Kaspersky no longer reports a malicious link. Thank you for all the help here on the board, keep up the good work.


thanks Berny ?

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