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Dear Kaspersky Free Antivirus Support Team, 

                                                                            How's things?,

I'd to kindly say that after using this new free antivirus version of yours and after it was configured from in the settings immediately noticed my computer then became fully protected and glad to have found a free antivirus made by you. I never ever had full computer protection before finding your free antivirus and there is a noticeable difference between your free antivirus and from my other free antivirus when compared. Your free antivirus always detected every kind of computer nasties each time and removed all each time without any problems whatsoever as shown on the detection list warnings. My other installed free antivirus sadly had allowed all kinds of undetected/ignored computer nasties to get downloaded and installed and including allowing computer damages to run without any action being taken and the end result of that was to just simply go  ahead with a newer reinstall of Windows 10/11 setting me back over many hours. I was amazed at how effectively the free antivirus by the Kaspersky was able to remove a detected downloaded and installed trojan with ease as i never got that result before. My other free antivirus simply allowed a downloaded and installed trojan to run and no action was taken. My other free antivirus also has the habit of allowing other unlimited undetected dangerous downloaded files and programs to get downloaded and installed in other cases and in the very same scenario the Kaspersky free never ever allowed a dangerous file to get downloaded and installed in every case it happened. I don't know what you added to the free antivirus of your as it has made a huge difference and by doing that I'd fully recommend your antivirus to other computer users if they wanted my help. Also still somebody unknown out there are still making unproven claims about your antivirus and including having a lower detection rate so new computer users are spooked and keep away from your antivirus ,and yet never found any evidences of such a horrible unproven description after using your free antivirus. Did you know also your free antivirus always blocked me from going into a bad website as shown on the screen, while my other free antivirus allowed me to enter any bad websites and download and install whatever's on offer ?,including getting computer damages just by going into a bad website and even not download anything and saw the damages emerging after going out of that bad website. No mistakes were ever made by your free antivirus detections. I already had undetected malware starting up causing problems and my then free antivirus never did anything about it, but your free antivirus had immediately detected that malware and did something about it as shown on the screen ,as shown. In 2022,my other free antivirus that has been claimed to have improved simply hasn't yet?, but your free antivirus has improved so much once after the updates are installed and the proof is right there. You have made an excellent free antivirus with all that one needs in it and very easy to configure. My other free antivirus has no settings and one needs the group policy editor to configure that free antivirus but already been there and it did nothing after partial or fully configuring the antivirus questions and still ended up as before in a bad way. Kaspersky takes computer security very seriously and doesn't muck around after i noticed that. My other free antivirus has always let's it's guard down and isn't too serious about computer security as i noticed that and it wasn't just a one off mistake but many times after that. I can now understand why you have so many jealous rivals out there complaining as they didn't like to find a free antivirus doing a better job in every case. Your way ahead in a very high quality free antivirus and always getting a hole in one every time you play and can just watch and laugh at your rivals who in every case landed in a sand trap or pond and still trying to putt the ball in the hole and it never got there even after many shots were played. Well done!!! to the team at Kaspersky who are unbeatable in 2022...bye


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