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2021, nearly all websites: Access denied. The requested URL cannot be provided, blocked by Web AV, threat of data loss.

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All was fine until earlier this evening when I started getting these on nearly all websites.
The sites are all fine. It even blocks your site here at the Kaspersky forum!

Access denied
The requested URL cannot be provided
Blocked by Web Anti-Virus

Reason: threat of data loss

Detection method: Cloud Protection

I’m using KIS 2021

Application Version: fully updated
Support here gave me this version due to errors previously because of dual graphics cards on laptop 
All has been fine until today.

I keep having to click the following now for every page of the sites:
Click here if you believe that the web page has been blocked by mistake. The application will not block it anymore.


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Hello @lucid 

Welcome back!

The issue is reminiscent of a similar incident a few years back🤔 ; first check:

  1. Windows version & build ?
  2. KIS -> patch(x)? x=letter 
  3. In the 24hrs preceding "Access denied, The requested URL cannot be provided, Blocked by Web Anti-Virus on all/most www”  alerts, were there any changes: hardware, software, network, environmental, if "yes", please detail those changes?
  4. Are the "Access denied, The requested URL cannot be provided, Blocked by Web Anti-Virus on all/most www”  alerts happening irrespective of browser: Chrome, IE, Firefox, Edge Chromium? 
  5. Check Bios date & time? 
  6. Run KIS Restore settings? 
  7. Run Internet Properties, Content, Certificates → clear SSl state? 
  8. Uninstall & reinstall KIS, make sure the system is fully shutdown between the uninstall & reinstall; at the completion of the reinstall → run a Database update, allow it to complete; if the issue persists contact Kaspersky Technical Support, include all recovery steps, detailed history, image as shown above, GSI & Windows Logs; support may request Traces, they will guide you with the necessary steps.
  • After you submit the request, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12 digits reference #, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Lab human will contact you, also by email, you may continue to communicate with them via reply email & or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky.com account.

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you🙏


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4.30am here and i came back to PC to check, thanks for the reply 
I will go through your message tomorrow. And reply to each point. 
This issue seems to have disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared though I have done nothing. It’s nothing I have done I can tell you that to initiate it, There were no changes on my part. Thus I suspect some accidental tinkering with the cloud scanning parameters, that were corrected after my posting on here maybe?
Either way I will answer your questions as best I can tomorrow in detail in case there is something that might help in case the issue reoccurs. 
If it is Kaspersky who caused the issue I hope there is an explanation. 
is there a newer version of the 2021 I wonder?

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Hello @lucid,

You’re welcome☺ !

Thank you for the update👌 ,  it sure is early for you😕

  • We did not mean to suggest you/anything you’d done was responsible for the issue, the checks were simply to possibly resolve the issue and to prepare for a possible escalation to Kaspersky Technical Support.
  • There will only be an explanation from Kaspersky Technical Support if they know about the issue, and they get to “know” by folks logging cases with them and providing data that they can analyse and verify; however, as you’re aware, 2021 is not yet commercially released, so Kaspersky explaining any “bugs” in a pre-release version may not be forthcoming, due to the very fact 2021 is not CR. 
  • Regarding “is there a newer version of 2021”, unless a Community member can answer, please ask Technical Support? 

Please let us know the outcome?

Thank you🙏


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The issue had disappeared the next day but about 5 mins ago has just started again. 
Nothing I’ve done was watching you tube earlier now come back to computer and boom

blocked on here again unless i allow.

This is kaspesrsky messing about I’m sure


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