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Found 18 results

  1. Hello @booger, Welcome! (please) Read before you create a new topic! Open KIS, select Settings, select Additional, uncheck Enable Secure Keyboard Input, select Save, select Save (to confirm the action). 💥 However, there’s also a tiny Quick launch keyboard icon that generates a Secure Keyboard Input is enabled popup → image 4, that drives many Kaspersky subscribers nuts, that cannot be disabled or managed in any way, discussed in topic raised by @Killeriguana How do I disable the "Secure Keyboard Input is enabled" pop-up WITHOUT disabling the Secure Input feature itself? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 References: Secure Keyboard Input About protection of personal data on the Internet How to configure protection of data entered on the computer keyboard
  2. Hello @Rich_in_HaPA, Welcome! Yes. Ok. OK. You can't - it's by design. There's been a multitude of complaints, Kaspersky appears not to have heard them. You may wish to log a request, on the support page, fill in an Email or Chat, then select Feedback, I have a Suggestion, or Feedback, I have a Complaint template - provide a detailed history & explanation/reasons for the request. Support may communicate with you & discuss the proposal. All requests go thru the relevant team/s, not all requests are successful & even successful requests may take a long time to be implemented. Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? Thank you? Flood?+? Resources: Very little info for Secure Keyboard Input - in Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac library. Existing Community topics, generic filter: Secure Keyboard Input is enabled Quick Launch Keyboard
  3. Hello @Eastclif, You're most welcome?! Not silly at all! Thank you for the information & image? It never hurts to ask, we're delighted the issue has been clarified; just for your information the Quick launch keyboard icon that generates a Secure Keyboard Input is enabled popup, (that you've shown in the image) & that drives many Kaspersky subscribers nuts, that popup cannot be disabled or managed in any way. It is possible to select Settings, select Additional, uncheck Enable Secure Keyboard Input, select Save, select Save (to confirm the action), but, that will not stop the popup, so, it's best to leave Secure Keyboard Input set at the default setting. Thank you? Flood?+?
  4. Hello @andrew75 & @kmscom, Enabling Gaming mode does not suppress this rotten Secure keyboard input is enabled (which, ioo, has no useable function, other than to annoy the living cr*p out of many users) - turning off Secure Keyboard Input - does not work either: Support say this cannot be managed. Thank you? Flood?+?
  5. Hello @tniou, Welcome! Thank you for your contribution👏 Agreed, there has been a lot of complaints about Secure Keyboard input is enabled popup, because, it’s a PIA😡! We think there’s an easy fix for this, similar to Kaspersky’s Protected browser, for any field where the Secure Keyboard input is enabled popup (apart from the fact the tiny keyboard icon is already present in the righthand side of all such fields, nothing like overkill Kaspersky!!); all they have to do is use a green border on all Secure Keyboard input is enabled protected fields → it’s not 🚀 science Kaspersky🙄 Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  6. Hello @Killeriguana, Thank you for posting back, the information & the image👌 We contacted support, they said: The quick launch icon in the data entry field is referring to the tiny keyboard icon (number 1 in our image), where you may click and open the On-Screen Keyboard. If you uncheck “Show quick launch icon in data entry fields” option, the tiny keyboard icon will not show. Support went on to say: We (Kaspersky) do not have an option to turn off the pop-up (number 2 in our image), if the Secure Keyboard is turned on in the background. All you can do is to close (click x) the pop-up notice. That's the only way you can make the pop-up disappear as this is a feature by design. We asked: Don't you think, if *Show quick launch icon in data entry fields* is unchecked & the tiny keyboard icon is *no longer visible*, it would make sense that the Secure keyboard input is enabled pop-up would also not show? Isn't that commonsense? Support said: That's two different things. On-Screen Keyboard allows users to use the on-screen keyboard to type without using a physical keyboard. Secure Data Input is a protection feature that prevents keylogging applications to capture keystrokes. As I said before, we do not have the option to make the pop-up disappear. The user can just close the prompt and that's it. I will suggest this feedback to our team. Note, (ioe) “suggestions” don’t get very far in the Kaspersky bubble; they appear to dedicate a lot of resources to implementing cosmetic changes, not fixing things that would help their subscribers? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  7. I tried looking for an answer for this, but every time I found a topic about it, people would always assume that the issue is with the Secure Keyboard Input feature itself, so let me be clear: I don’t want to get rid of Secure Keyboard Input. I LIKE that feature in and of itself. I like the idea that my keystrokes aren’t being logged. What I want to get rid of is the little popup TELLING me that’s what it’s doing. Every. Single. Time. I know Secure Keyboard Input is enabled and that little popup is not only completely unnecessary, it actively hinders me because it always pops up in front of whatever dropdown suggestions an input box has. Please tell me there’s some way to get rid of the stupid thing. Because I refuse to believe that asking to have a box you can uncheck for “Tell me Secure Keyboard Input is enabled every time” is either difficult or unreasonable.
  8. Hello @JOY, Welcome! Sadly no. A reference topic: How do I disable the "Secure Keyboard Input is enabled" pop-up WITHOUT disabling the Secure Input feature itself?. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 Thank you. I uninstalled KIS and bought another AV.
  9. Hello @JOY, Welcome! Sadly no. A reference topic: How do I disable the "Secure Keyboard Input is enabled" pop-up WITHOUT disabling the Secure Input feature itself?. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  10. Hello @tniou, Glad you like it, wish they did! Probably too simple😁 Actually, probably because it would involve controlling/changing fields in ‘proprietary’ browser(s), rather than a browser that they’ve created….. It’s seemed like a a solution in keeping with their green/safe philosophy & one that would keep users happy, because there’s so many of us that hate the Secure Keyboard input is enabled popup, ioo the tiny keyboard⌨ icon, on the right hand side of the field is sufficient. Cheers, Flood🐳+🐋
  11. Hello @booger, You’re most welcome! (ioo) the tiny Quick launch keyboard icon is fine, the Secure Keyboard Input is enabled popup it generates serves no purpose at all, (ioo & that of many others,) it’s something Kaspersky “should” fix, if they’d only listen to their subscriber feedback! Need to replicate & research, we’ll get back to you. Are KVPN & Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter both uninstalled - see images, let us know so we can again replicate & research? When the “desktop app continually tries to install the VPN” is there an alert that you can screenprint & post for us please? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  12. I’m new to Kaspersky (Internet Security 2020) and have a couple of questions. Entering passwords securely. So, when I’m in the secured browser (Firefox in my case), and click in a password field, it says “Secure keyboard input is enabled”. Now, I can input my password in a variety of ways, using my laptop keyboard, using the Kaspersky onscreen keyboard, using the Windows onscreen keyboard, and even copy and pasting a password into the password field. Are all these input methods protected? I use a track pad on my laptop (no mouse), and with every other application I’ve ever seen, a tap on the track pad is interpreted as a mouse click. However this doesn’t seem to work with the Kaspersky onscreen keyboard. Is there some setting I don’t have set correctly? Thanks
  13. When secure keyboard input is enabled, it makes my laptop keyboard malfunction. Sometimes I cannot capitalize letters or place commas or question marks, etc. Once I disable this feature, keyboard works perfectly.
  14. Hello, Thank you for your reply. 1. The secure keyboard opens 2. If I click on secure keyboard : the secure keyboard opens 3. Images : not possible to take screenshots when safe money is enabled 4. with version KIS 2019 it was possible to configure google chrome with protected browser that did not change any configuration in the normal browser, for example : the extensions. If I disable them in the protected browser they will be disabled in the normal browser as well. that’s what basically is mentioned in the what’s new link : “Safe Money has been improved: Protected Browser has been improved. Most of settings from user's profile in the main browser are now automatically transferred to Protected Browser when Protected Browser is opened.” In my opinion it’s not an improvement, regarding the extensions and some other settings. Although the word "most" caught my attention ! I include an image but not in safe browsing of what I mean by extensions. In the past it was only the KIS icon that was displayed in safe browser. Now : by the secure keyboard input I mean the icon that is displayed when filling in credentials that showed up in previous 2019 versions, is disabled for a while and, according to support, should work in the 2020 version, but still does not.
  15. Hello @Killeriguana, Thank you for posting back! Post an image of the "Secure Keyboard Input is enabled" pop-up → we need to see what you see? & provide the information as per the Read before you create a new topic!, tutorial by @Danila T. ? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋
  16. Frequently when I go to enter text into my browser the “Kaspersky Secure Keyboard Input is enabled” popup blocks me from clicking on the box I wanted until I x out of it. How do I disable this popup?
  17. Hi FLOOD, In one of your replies above you have added an image of an input ex. of usename and password with "secure input" enabled in chrome. Was that with KIS 2020?And the latest version of chrome? You talked about a tiny keyboard icon that popup, but did the secure input icon also popup? I don't understand it should work at your site because kaspersky support told me that the cause it does not work is at technical base namely the development of chrome does not allow it anymore.
  18. Hello @LadyBeetle, Welcome! ☢ v20 has new software compatibility requirements, when KIS was upgraded, was KIS19 uninstalled first? If “no”, please check: List of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Internet Security 20☢ (and) please tell us: Operating system name & version ? KIS20 version & patch? Chrome version? Chrome Kaspersky Protection extension version? Is Kaspersky Protection extension enabled, with permissions set as follows: May I have an image of “green hexagon with the eye” please? 🛑 Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling KIS?🛑 ⛔ Regarding: Secure Keyboard Input popup, Kaspersky no longer provides this feature in any Chrome version after Chrome 68⛔ Please let me know? Thank you. Additional references: Kaspersky Internet Security 20 System Requirements Kaspersky Internet Security 20 release notes for Patches A – F Kaspersky Internet Security v20 Library
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