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  1. I finally had time to capture the info in the view certificate tab. Here it is:
  2. I did do the procedure to remove the certificate warning. I had added billhall.net, which is the domain, and imap.billhall.net. For some reason, imap.billhall.net was not there, so I added it. I’m not sure it needs the third level domain. The next time I get that message, if I do, I will look for the certificate tabs.
  3. Hello @wthalliii, You’re most welcome☺ ! Thank you for posting back! No apology required, we’re here to help, when you’re ready, take as much time as you need. We’re not at all offended, we don’t see any criticism in your words. The reason we suggested deleting & recreating the Thunderbird email account is, other Community members have advised it resolved their issue; however, each case is different. May we have a screen-print of each of the certificate tabs after View certificate is selected please? Please post back? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳 +🐋 I followed the instructions for deleting the account in Thunderbird. That did not work. As soon as I put the account back, I got the message. I have other software such as Filezilla that you just tell it that the certificate is okay and to just remember it, and that works. Is there a way in KIS to do that? You asked “May we have a screen-print of each of the certificate tabs after View certificate is selected please?” Is this the certificates in Thunderbird? There are a BUNCH of them. There are a bunch of them in KIS, too.
  4. Hello @wthalliii, Thank you for taking the time to update us👌 ⚠ Did you try deleting the Thunderbird account → steps 1 to 6, we provided 2 days ago? ⚠ Please log a request with Kaspersky Technical Support, select Application malfunction, Incompatibility with 3rd party software template. Provide a detailed history, including all steps you’ve taken & screen print(s), Support may request logs, traces & other data, they’ll guide you: After submitting the case, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12digits reference number, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Technical Support human will communicate with you, also by email, you may continue to engage with the Kaspersky Technical Team via email or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky account. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳 +🐋 I apologize for taking so long to respond. There’s just too much going on in my life right now to have much time to spend trying to troubleshoot. No, I didn’t follow the instructions for deleting the email account in Thunderbird. I didn’t understand what it would accomplish to delete the email account that it’s having trouble with. Sure, that would solve the problem because it no longer will try to contact that email server. Or at least, that was my reasoning. If this is wrong, please explain what I’m missing. Also, my experience with Thunderbird is that sometimes it’s difficult to add accounts, so I wanted to avoid the potential trouble of having to add it back. That’s why I just followed the instructions for transferring the KIS certificate to Thunderbird. Please don’t take this as a criticism. I am a retired embedded systems engineer, so I am perhaps being over analytical. But I don’t know anything about Kaspersky software, so that’s why I need your help. And, again, thanks for your help and for your patience with me.
  5. I just got that message again, so exporting that certificate from Kaspersky and importing it into Thunderbird did not work. It only happens a few times a day, but it sure is annoying.
  6. Thank you. I followed those instructions to import the Kaspersky certificate into Thunderbird. I will let you know if that messages pops up again.
  7. In answer to the suggestion that I search for solutions before I post a request, I did that. However, I didn’t get any hits that I understood to be a solution to the problem I’m having. I appreciate your help, though, for sure. I looked at the suggested tutorial, but it involves exporting a certificate and then importing it into Firefox. I don’t have Firefox installed. I guess I could install it, but I use Chrome and I prefer to not install software I don’t use. Is there a way to fix this problem without installing Firefox? If not, I guess I can install it, but as I said, I prefer not to. Thanks again.
  8. That did not work. Here’s the message I’m getting: I added imap.billhall.net and billhall.net to the trusted addresses per the instructions, and I’m still getting the message. I’m running Windows 10 home 64 bit ver 20H2 Build 19042.1083 KIS version is (d) Database release date: Yesterday, 6:22 AM Thunderbird is version 78.11.0 (32-bit)
  9. I just installed Kaspersky Internet Security. When Thunderbird accesses my email server, I get a certificate error. Kaspersky allows me to override the error by clicking on two different popups, but how can I add my mail server to Kaspersky’s trusted email servers? I don’t want to have to clear two errors every time Thunderbird checks my email.
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