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  1. Heh, must have one of their programmers reading the forum The 4 letter word beginning with L has been censored. Only L-a-z-y people have to censor. They'll probably delete the post now, so thanks Bernie for giving me the option if needed. Bye all!
  2. Yes, that did allow the Kasp GUI to fully display, but at the cost of making everything else smaller. So I guess I'll choose in favor of the other 99% of the programs that actually display correctly. Now that I've got everything set in Kasp, probably won't ever need to open the GUI again...Thanks for the info.
  3. Based on your image, my screen shows the GUI covering the entire laptop screen, with about 1/2" cut off on left and right. The "x" is hidden, so I have to shift it left to close the GUI. Industry-standard Full HD 1080p resolution seems to start at 1920 x 1080. With a 1440x900 max on my laptop, the "***** programmer syndrome" will probably never allow me to properly see programs with a 1080 default? (Unless they allow resizing of the window)
  4. Just downloaded Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, but It says I have Kaspersky Free in "about" Using Win7 set at maximum 1440x900 max resolution. Display for Kasp is too wide for screen, and requires me to use mouse to move it left or right to see all. There is no "window" option, only "minimize" or "exit". I could find no settings to adjust it within the program. Guessing the programmers got *****, and decided EVERYBODY has a HD screen display? Anybody know a fix? I chose it because the recent software upgrade from AVAST assumes I have a super computer with a zillion GB of memory, and reduced me to a crawl unless I turned off the protection. With a much lower demand on the system, the speed has returned to normal with Kasp. Even 10 year old computers still need protection! Thanks..
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